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As Founder of Digital Marketing Agency Cat Creative Marketing back in 2008,  I have had the privilege of working with some amazing brands and building Digital Marketing Strategies based around the clients ideal outcome.

Below are a selection of the campaigns myself and my team worked on.


Caboodle Bags

Increase engagement, sales and optimise website through SEO and copywriting.


Create Restaurant Leeds & Wakefield

Managed Social Media, Digital Sales Funnel, Engagement, Reach


Castleford Tigers

Facebook campaign, Facebook Ads

If you’re after straight talking, practical help with digital marketing Cat is the person to turn to. I was really keen to monetise my website and use social media to engage new costumers, we’re now well on our way with Cat’s help.

Diane Kay

Founder, High Flying PR

“Working with Cat I feel that we have people who believe in us and our business as much as we do.”

“We have won (sic) awards as a result of the right noise being made and the work done by Cat.” 


Sarah Dunwell

Founder & CEO, Create Foundation

Love the inspiring tips and hints about all things marketing from someone who is clearly an expert in the field. Lots to think about and plenty of practical things I can apply in my business.

Louise Turner

Founder, Awards Writers

“Cat has only been on my case for 1 month and already my online sales have tripled! How’s that for results!”

Ruth Kirkby-Smith

Founder, Caboodle Bags

Cat has opened my eyes to a new world of marketing opportunities and strategies using social media sites. They achieved huge gains for our business in just one month taking us from nowhere to ‘viral’ almost overnight. Now we are picking up the reins and trying to emulate everything that Cat has taught us. Its great to know she’s there in the background keeping an eye on us and ready to provide support whenever we need it. I would recommend Cat without hesitation to anyone just beginning to explore the world of inbound marketing.

Elaine Wilson

Fusion Nutrionist, Bodysense Online

There is so much I could say about Cat and her digital marketing skills, so I’ll try and keep it concise! Social media was so scary to me but Cat explained all it’s different forms and helped me understand its potential scope. So she showed me how to use the various platforms, but what was I going to say?? I like talking, but hate writing. So one of the greatest tips she gave me was to be relatable, write like you talk, ‘find your voice’, be authentic. I can still hear Cat saying to me “find your voice.” I found my voice on social media thanks to Cat and I enjoy keeping up to date with what’s hot and what’s not via Cat.

Karina Laycock

Personal Stylist, House of Colour

This campaign proved a roaring success, not only did we gain many new facebook likes within the 7 days of the campaign, most impressively we sold out of home shirts within a month, a definite first in our history.

Tom Walters

Marketing Manager, Castleford Tigers