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How to keep Google Happy!

Following on from the brilliant SEO Made Easy Masterclass with Kate Toon, Kate highlighted 7 ways to keep Google happy.

There are actually about 200 things that Google looks for when it’s indexing your site but if you start with these basics you’re bound to see an improvement.

  1. Title Tag7 Ways to keep Google Happy

This is the highlighted blue ‘title’ of the page that’s clickable and takes users to your page. When you’re writing your blog post make sure you make the title tag the same as the keywords that you want to to be found for. So for example.  ‘7 Ways to XXXXXX’ You have 60 characters for this so use them wisely

  1. URL

Similar to the above – Google will look at this and know that it’s related to your content, this is what Google will index so again make sure you use keywords within the URL

  1. Meta Description

The wording underneath the title tag and URL. It should summarise the page content Search engines show the meta description in search results mostly when the searched-for phrase is within the description, so optimising the meta description is crucial for on-page SEO.

4. H1 Header Title

This is usually the title of the blog post or page, and will appear as larger text (see example)7 ways to keep google happy

5. First 100 Words

Using your keywords within the first 100 – 150 words of the page or blog post will let Google know that the page ties with the title and that the content is relevant.

6. Image File Name

Don’t forget that people search by image too, so by changing the Image File Name when you upload to your blog, web page or catalogue you’re again letting Google know that this content is relevant to your website.

7. Alt Text

When someone rolls over an image, the alt text will appear showing what the image relates to. It’s good for when certain browsers block images or for those that have issue with their sight.

Don’t expect to get to page 1, position 1 overnight, there are many other things that effect rankings such as slow loading or technical errors but implementing these tips as standard practice is a good place to start.

You can find out more about Kate here >> https://therecipeforseosuccess.com/

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