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Welcome to the blog. Well, we say blog but really we like to think of it as a lounge, a cafe, a place where you can have a brew, a snack and take 5.

Our content is where entrepreneurs get all the tips, tricks and advice they need on how to market their business online 
so that they can grow a successful business whilst living the life they love. 

Come on in..

How to research and find your tribe

Research is valuable Here's a brief look at how to research and find your tribe. “I had what I thought was a brilliant idea for a business — how to get free PR. Based on my years as a freelance journalist and business magazine editor I know that editors and...

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7 Ways to Keep Google Happy

How to keep Google Happy! Following on from the brilliant SEO Made Easy Masterclass with Kate Toon, Kate highlighted 7 ways to keep Google happy. There are actually about 200 things that Google looks for when it's indexing your site but if you start with these basics...

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