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Welcome to the courses page. So here’s how it works; simply pick the course that works for you right now, depending on where you are on your digital journey. Click the Curriculum button and you’ll be taken to Teachable, our delivery partner. Once there you will see a full breakdown of everything that’s available within your selected course. Easy, right?

How to build a digital sales funnel

A Digital Sales Funnel is used as a framework to help define, understand and follow the different stages buyers pass through on their way to making a purchase. In the Digital Sales Funnel course you will learn how to start building a sales funnel from scratch, how to create a desirable opt-in to capture email addresses, how to link your opt-in to an email service provider and create an email nurturing sequence that keeps customers keeping back for more.

Number of lessons: 6

Includes: Step by step video tutorials, downloadable workbook

Social Media Made Easy Digital Course

AVAILABLE NOW Aaaargghh, another week – another nightmare of keeping your social media funnels full of engaging content, but what to create – and is it all really worth investing your precious time in? We hear you friend, and this course has been created specifically with you in mind. As well as explaining the why, we take you through creating a whole week of posts that can be used on any platform, at any time and reused over and over again – saving you oodles of your valuable time. We promise that your engagement will soar, resulting in increased traffic, more authority and ultimately sales!

Number of Lessons: 5

Includes: Step by step video tutorials, downloadable workbook, and social media publishing calendar

Creating An Effective Content Marketing Plan

Ever wonder how some people just seem to have it all nailed? They’re publishing beautiful, branded images with perfectly timed calls to actions? This course is for you if you want a piece of that pie. It’s all about creating a cohesive content marketing plan that ties in with your core objectives as a business. But how can you do this when you’re already juggling so many balls? Believe us, investing time now will reap dividends further down the line. Step by step we take you through why you should have a plan, and more importantly how to create a reusable plan that will scale with you as you grow.

Number of Lessons: 6

Includes: Step by step video tutorials, downloadable workbook, content marketing plan template

How To Write Persuasive Copy

Did you know that writing for the web is very different from other forms of writing? It’s all about connecting with your target audience, finding your tone voice and being adept at telling stories that connect emotionally to the potential buyer, making them part with their money – without buyers remorse! You’ll learn the psychological switches that turns your website, landing page, marketing messages into a lucrative money-making machine!

Number of Lessons: 5

Includes: Step by step video tutorials, downloadable workbook

I first met Catherine at a networking event where she was the expert speaker on social media. I found her speech/talk to be excellent with lots of easy to understand information that was useful for me to take my social media further. I have since been on a course run by Cat specifically for more in depth training which again has boosted my social media presence greatly. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her courses (in fact I already have!) and I am looking forward to the next one.

Nicky Chadwick

I have always found Catherine to be down to earth and very professional. She has offered her help and expertise several times and she has always delivered. I would recommend Catherine to anyone who needs help/advice with any aspect of social media marketing, without hesitation.

Alistair Manning