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Create A Sales Funnel (in 5 easy steps)

Wake up to an inbox full of leads EVERY DAY!

Nurture your audience 

Turning leads into SALES

No more frustration

You’ll have a constant flow of leads and sales

Claim your time back!

And focus on what you do best

Wake up to fresh leads!

You’ve read endless books, furiously scribbled notes from webinars, and put every tip and trick into action… but you’re still struggling to connect the dots and get paying clients.

You’re updating your blog every week. You’re sharing on every social media channel anyone might possibly be using. You’ve even shelled out for a website that looks pretty and says all the right things.

They may be finding you, but they’re not CONVERTING.

Fortunately, there is an answer

A Digital Sales Funnel.

As a leading service provider, you’re in the perfect spot to build a sales funnel that keeps on giving.

My new video course is designed to help you stand out even in the most crowded niche. Read on and check out the details below for a look at what you will learn.

WATCH THE MASTERCLASS HERE >> https://youtu.be/gHeZnacAgtg

How does it work?

Step by Step Tutorials

Everything in one place for easy access, when and where it suits you. Lifetime access so you can rinse and repeat each time you launch a new product or service.

Live Screen Action

Taking you from complete novice to expert in 5 easy steps, with live on screen action for you to follow. 

Easy to follow curriculum

Laid out in logical order so you can follow the steps as you grow your audience and your business. 


Your Investment

As much as I would LOVE to do all of the above for free I have cats to feed and a Shed to keep warm!

The usual price for this course is £194.00 but until 31st January 2019 your investment will be just £96.00






Catherine Skeet-Yaffe

Catherine Skeet-Yaffe

Head of Words


Hello lovely, nice to meet you!

I’m Cat and I will be your host throughout the course.

I’ve worked in Digital Marketing since 2008 and created sales funnels for heaps of businesses from all business sectors. I’ve created this course to take you from a place of frustration and overwhelm to joy and fulfilment as you wake every morning to an inbox full of leads and potential sales.

I absolutely know that if you follow the steps in this course you will achieve amazing things, I’ve done it myself and for others since 2008 and it’s time for you to build your wildly successful business. 

If you’re after straight talking, practical help with digital marketing Cat is the person to turn to. I was really keen to monetise my website and use social media to engage new costumers, we’re now well on our way with Cat’s help. Diane Kay

Founder, High Flying PR

Love the inspiring tips and hints about all things marketing from someone who is clearly an expert in the field. Lots to think about and plenty of practical things I can apply in my business. Louise Turner

Founder, Awards Writers

There is so much I could say about Cat and her digital marketing skills, so I’ll try and keep it concise! Social media was so scary to me but Cat explained all it’s different forms and helped me understand its potential scope. So she showed me how to use the various platforms, but what was I going to say?? I like talking, but hate writing. So one of the greatest tips she gave me was to be relatable, write like you talk, ‘find your voice’, be authentic. I can still hear Cat saying to me “find your voice.” I found my voice on social media thanks to Cat and I enjoy keeping up to date with what’s hot and what’s not via Cat.

Karina Laycock

Personal Stylist, House of Colour