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Do you want to be the one that the media calls for your opinion on something that’s happening in the news related to your industry? (See? Martin of Money Saving fame).

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a regular slot on ‘This Morning’ or similar? Imagine the awareness it would raise for you personally, and of course for your business. You could even, like Martin, sell your business for ¬†millions to a huge conglomerate, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

How would you even start to build a reputation like that? Well, Money Saving Expert started life as a blog,

Write helpful blog content

A blog should never be self-serving. Don’t talk about how great you are, unless it relates to the story. Instead be helpful, be useful and keep people coming back for more. Make it clear what readers can expect as soon as they land on your page. It’s fine to share your views and experiences if it will generate comments and interaction – in fact, more so the better. Be consistent, blog regularly, ask people to sign up to receive the latest updates. Make it timely, if it can tie in with a national media story that’s ideal. Don’t expect overnight success but then don’t be afraid to put your blog out there. Make contact with local journalists on Twitter (search #journorequest) and tweet links to your blog. Don’t stalk, just keep providing useful content, which leads nicely into the next point.

Become a trusted source

Have you ever read a piece in the local press and a competitor of yours has been asked to comment. Have you thought “Why didn’t they ask me?” Did the journalist know how to find you? Are you hiding behind a PR firm and not making direct contact? Journalists have to uncover stories and one of the most common sources is blogs. Start off small with local journalists and become known to them as the ‘go-to’ person for views and feedback. Just make sure that when you do get coverage, you also get the credit!

Speak at events

This might be outside of the comfort zone of some people but it can boost your profile massively. Speak at local networking or industry events to start with and build your way up. You never who is in the audience and it could lead to bigger things. Public speaking isn’t about selling, it’s about sharing your knowledge and expertise on a particular subject. Have a holding slide in the background with your name and job title, as well as your social media profiles so people know where to find you.

Share connections

Attend networking events, either in your local area or specific to your industry. But don’t then just throw the business cards in a draw and forget about them. Devise some way of recording them and refer contacts to other contacts. By listening to what people are looking for you can spread your circle of influence infinitely and be able to build strong relationships that will enhance awareness of you, your business and your ideas.

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