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It’s something that’s puzzled bloggers since time began, that great untold secret of just what makes up the perfect blog post. Or maybe not!Perfect Blog Post

So this isn’t based on any scientific fact, just on my experience as a blogger. This format has worked for me, and if you follow these very simple steps then you can see that it will work for you.

And you can download the template too, stick it your wall, desk, head and you’ll never struggle to write a blog post again!

It can be frustrating when you spend hours on research (topic content, keyword research, CTA’s), you hit publish and it goes….. nowhere. Nothing, nada, zilch. Well let’s take a look at why that might be.

> Is your headline catchy, intriguing, interesting?

> Have you summarised your topic in the opening statement?

> Is it clear what problem / pain you’re going to solve for the reader?

And all that is just within the first paragraph! There’s a science behind it believe it or not. Let’s really break it down;

  1. 1. Headline – this is the MOST read part of your blog post, make it enticing, intriguing and clickable!
  2. 2. Summarise the problem your reader is facing
  3. 3. Include an image to break up the line space
  4. 4. Your first subheading is your first promise to the reader – how will they feel when they’ve read your post?
  5. 5. This is how you intend to solve their problem
  6. 6. This is the first ‘soft’ call to action such as click to tweet
  7. 7. This is the step by step process of how their problem WILL be solved
  8. 8. Go into detail, you’ve taken this far – go all the way!
  9. 9. Final call to action – make it a strong one, get them to buy, sign up, share – go for the kill!
  10. 10. PUBLISH!

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P.S Did you notice that this actual blog post has followed that exact formula? It’s been in my archives for the longest time and and is by far my most popular and most read post!

Let me know how you get on.