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Want to start your email list?

Confused by the process and overwhelmed by the tech?

You KNOW it can’t be that hard!

But you seem to be going round in circles and getting nowhere?

Reclaim Your Time With

‘List Building Made Easy’

Transform from this…

Where do I even start?
Where are you at right now? Maybe you’ve created your ‘freebie’ but you’re not sure what to do now. Or perhaps you haven’t got that far but know you need to start building your email list. You might even have sourced an email provider and started a landing before overwhelm kicked in and you threw your hands up in frustration?

Wherever you are, I’ll meet you there. We’ll figure this thing out together and remove the frustration and give you your time back, I promise!

Once you complete the pre-assessment questionnaire I’ll create a plan that’s tailored exactly to your needs, regardless of which platform your website is on, or where you host your sign up or landing page. I have over 15 years experience with the vast majority of web platforms such as WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix etc. as well as all the popular landing page platforms.

I'm new to the online world, I haven't a clue what to do!
Everyone has to start somewhere, and your starting point is right here! Marketing your business online really doesn’t have to be that complicated – you’ve probably got enough going on without having to worry about how to build landing pages and sales funnels. That’s where I can step in and work through it all with you and a customised plan, tailored to your needs.
I'm not technically minded, it's all gobbledygook to me.
If it’s someone to teach you the How then I’m your girl! I’ve been active in the List Building space for over 10 years, and have trained countless number of service led and product based business owners how to start building their email list.   I can work with you 1:1, set goals and be your accountability partner (read hand holding) to get you on your way.
I'm kinda part way there but seriously...
You don’t want to lose anymore time! And you know it can’t possible be that hard, everyone seems to be doing it. List Building Made Easy is just that, it makes building your list as easy and effortless as you imagine it to be.

To This…

Generate sign-ups easily & effortlessly
People will be signing up to your list whilst you sleep! No more time-sucking, hair pulling, cursing hours lost at the keyboard.
Focus on what you're the best at
You know the Universe has bigger plans for you, you just need to reach the right audience and connect with them. List Building Made Easy will allow you to do just that.
Create meaningful connections that lead to business
There’s no point in just creating a list and leaving it there. People are interested enough to sign up, that’s your first clue that they’re in a position for needing your services. Once they’re on your list, with a little nurturing and storytelling you can turn them into raving fans, passionate buyers and brand ambassadors.
Reclaim your time
No more hours of searching YouTube, no more posting in Groups and getting bits and pieces of the jigsaw. The List Building Made Easy Programme is the exact solution you’ve been looking for, and i don’t know about you but I can’t wait to get started!

Imagine having someone sitting right next to you..

..explaining the why and showing you the how. That’s what List Building Made Easy is all about. I’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you to move forward in your business and build a list that you can continue to nurture and turn into customers, raving fans, brand ambassadors and establish you as the go-to expert.

Sound like a plan? Here’s what happens next…

You will then receive a confirmation along with the pre-call questionnaire, and a booking link to book our call.
This will last around 60 – 90 minutes which will take place over Zoom, so allow plenty of time – make sure you have something to take notes with and also be prepared for some homework! Based on the information you provided in the questionnaire, I’ll have built you a customised plan for taking the next steps forward. We’ll talk through your biggest frustrations, and more importantly provide the solutions. Our session will be recorded so you can play it back and I’ll create demo videos of the tech stuff making it easy for you to follow.
In this 30 minute Zoom session we’ll review what you’ve achieved, iron out any difficulties you may have met (though that’s very unlikely!) and we’ll go on to explore what your next steps will be.



Would you like to chat first?

I understand, after all – who the hell am I? Let’s jump on a quick Zoom call to see if we’re a good fit.
If you’re after straight talking, practical help with digital marketing Cat is the person to turn to. I was really keen to monetise my website and use social media to engage new costumers, we’re now well on our way with Cat’s help. Diane Kay

Founder, High Flying PR

Love the inspiring tips and hints about all things marketing from someone who is clearly an expert in the field. Lots to think about and plenty of practical things I can apply in my business. Louise Turner

Founder, Awards Writers

There is so much I could say about Cat and her digital marketing skills, so I’ll try and keep it concise! Social media was so scary to me but Cat explained all it’s different forms and helped me understand its potential scope. So she showed me how to use the various platforms, but what was I going to say?? I like talking, but hate writing. So one of the greatest tips she gave me was to be relatable, write like you talk, ‘find your voice’, be authentic. I can still hear Cat saying to me “find your voice.” I found my voice on social media thanks to Cat and I enjoy keeping up to date with what’s hot and what’s not via Cat.

Karina Laycock

Personal Stylist, House of Colour