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Read this post if: you’re about to send press release, or if you’re unsure if the content is what editors are looking for.

What have you got to say that’s interesting and newsworthy?

Have you just launched a new website?
Perhaps you’ve just promoted someone?
Or maybe you’ve moved premises?

Have you sent a press release covering any of the above?

Did you get much coverage?

You may have had a little column in the local newspaper, but did it generate any interest in your business? Did you see a return on the cost of the press release?

I’m going to take a stab right here and say probably not. Who cares if you have a new website, promoted someone or that you’ve moved? Not an editor of a national newspaper that’s for sure.

So what would make your story newsworthy? Let’s take a look at each potential news story and work through each one.

New website
Big deal, there’s thousands being launched every day. BUT if that website has been hand coded by an apprentice who started with you 12 months ago, who knew nothing about building websites, that could be a story. Dig deeper and see if there’s an aspect of human interest. Did the apprentice have a troubled background? You don’t need to go into detail, but for example they might have been kicked out of school, not studied at college and had been written off the system. Framed in a way that hails the apprentice as a hero, you’ve got an interesting story. Imagine the interest if the website then wins awards, or if the apprentice wins an award. There’s at least a couple of stories to be had right there.

What’s the ‘hook’? A promotion, though great for the candidate is not necessarily news. Why have they been promoted? Think about your industry. Does this kind of promotion happen every day? Think STEM (science, technology, engineering and manufacturing) or industries that tend to be gender specific. The press love this kind of article, and can often generate a conversation about diversity on the local news channel.

Moved premises
Congratulations. Why have you moved premises? I bet it’s not just for the sake of it – there has to be a reason. What is that reason? Have you outgrown, recruited extra staff and increased your number of customers? Sure, moving is great news but think deeper. You’ve created revenue in the local economy – now that’s a story worth telling.

So can you see what’s happening? Whilst you ‘think’ you have the story, more often than not the REAL story is buried beneath. Take a look at the headlines again;

Apprentice creates award winning website
First female CEO of XYZ manufacturing in 120 years
Local printers employ 20 additional staff from our region

Much more appealing don’t you think? Try re-writing your story to reflect some of the above and let me know how you get on over on the Facebook page.

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