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If you missed the first blog in this series, you can read it here – Is your business media ready?

So your social media profiles are all set up, and may have been running for a while but engagement is low and you’re not really seeing a return on the time you spend posting updates. So how can you make that tweet go further, increase the number of ‘likes’ and increase comments? This is not an exhaustive list by any means but it should help.

influencer marketingFind influencers
On any social media platform there are those known as ‘influencers’. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have a huge following (though that does help) but they may be able to leverage their brand influence to elevate you and your product / service. For example, as I’m writing this post about social media, my good friend Pamela Hopkinson from SMS¬†may find it of use to her audience so when I tweet the blog post, I’ll tag Pam (@SMSUK_Ltd) and hopefully she’ll share it with her audience. Of course, it helps if you let someone know beforehand and ask if it’s OK! Remember to check that what they are tweeting is relevant in terms of content and also to your shared audience.

Instagram Comment Pods
Understanding the Instagram algorithm is like herding cats (excuse the pun!). Some posts can get hundreds of likes and comments and some can fall into the abyss. That’s where comment pods can really help. In short, a group of like-minded Instagram users create a group via direct message and everyone likes and comments on the images in that group. Each pod will have it’s own set of rules (i.e min/max word count on comments) and ‘code of conduct’ but they’re relatively easy to join. By having a shared interest and engagement, you buck the algorithm and increase engagement on your posts.

I love hashtags, I know – a bit sad but I’m not sure where we would be without them. How can I interact with people who are watching the same TV programmes as me? How else would I be able to find journalists on Twitter (#journorequest). Hashtags work on every social platform so go ahead, find them, use them – take complete advantage.

Facebook Groups
Facebook has given considerable time and energy into making groups a highly interactive platform. As these groups don’t fall into the general newsfeed unless you’re a member they’re a great way for leveraging your reach. If you have a blog that’s looking for more engagement, you can search a wide range of groups and select the one that seems a good fit for you. You can ask for advice, reviews, techy info – just about anything goes. You can join the Herding Cats Facebook Group here.

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The next blog in this series covers the various types of media that should be included in your online presence to make sure your business is media ready.