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Caboodle Bags

Caboodle Bags

Company Background

Caboodle Bags was developed Ruth Kirby-Smith, a busy working mum who was frustrated at not being able to find a nappy changing bag that suited her needs. As with all products created with a need Ruth quickly found that her bags were useful to mums everywhere and so Caboodle was born. After a period of growth Ruth pulled away from the business to focus on family life, and recently decided that she wanted to pick up the mantle again.


Ruth looked for company to work with that understood her need to effectively re-launch the product, take part in the world of social media and revise the SEO on existing Caboodle website.


Initially steps were to run a search engine ranking report so that we could assess her current positioning, as well as taking start metrics. Changes were made to the home page, making the content more SEO friendly. Facebook and Twitter accounts were recreated and we started to accrue followers / likes. It was important to build the right followers, and this was done progressively over an initial 4 week campaign.


Historically sales on the site had remained static; however after the initial trial period (4 weeks) sales had tripled when compared to previous months, which represented a 200% increase. A combination of carefully planned social media activity, supported with SEO was key to making this trial a success.

Comment from client

“Cat Creative have only been on my case for 1 month and already my online sales have tripled! How’s that for results!”