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VA Services

Done for you

Figuring out what to do and when can be frustrating, time consuming and mind boggling even if you are technically minded. You don’t want to spend hours at your keyboard when you could be going out and sharing your greatness with the world! Let me take the hassle and frustration away from you with our done for you service.

Services include (but not limited to)

  • Setting up a digital sales funnel
  • Creating landing pages
  • Writing persuasive copy
  • Email automation, nurturing sequence & autoresponders

What you need not listed? Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll offer it. Just contact us for more information.

Individual Online Learning

Courses that explain the why and show the how

No more searching the ‘net for that one tutorial you need. We have everything you need, in bitesize pieces that explains why you should be doing something and clearly demonstrate the how. Video lessons, with step-by-step guidance and a workbook to accompany each, you can be sure that this investment is the one you’ve been searching for. And if for whatever reason you’re not happy we offer a 30 day money back guarantee – that’s how confident we are.

1 2 1 Coaching

Accountability Partner

We offer that as well. Perhaps you need to develop a strategy and then be held accountable to make sure you do the actions week in, week out. Coaching takes place over Zoom (or Skype / FaceTime) with each call ending in a clear action plan for the following week. We’ll then discuss your progress, see what’s working and make plans to take you forward the following week. Each plan is personalised to your specific needs so we have a quick chat before anything kicks off – leaving you firmly in control.


Virtual & Group Workshops


For businesses, a group of colleagues or virtual groups

I love nothing more than sharing everything I’ve learnt over the years and I have an extensive knowledge of Digital Marketing. From running a full or half day masterclass to teaching you how to use Twitter, set up a Facebook Business Page to a full on strategy day. If it’s a virtual workshop or if you’re looking for a guest expert in your Facebook group then I’m happy to do this too, just get in touch to sort out the details.

Lovely comments

We’ve been so privileged to work with some fantastic entrepreneurs over the years and they had said some lovely things about us

If you’re after straight talking, practical help with digital marketing Cat is the person to turn to. I was really keen to monetise my website and use social media to engage new costumers, we’re now well on our way with Cat’s help.

Diane Kay

Founder, High Flying PR

Love the inspiring tips and hints about all things marketing from someone who is clearly an expert in the field. Lots to think about and plenty of practical things I can apply in my business.

Louise Turner

Founder, Awards Writers

There is so much I could say about Cat and her digital marketing skills, so I’ll try and keep it concise! Social media was so scary to me but Cat explained all it’s different forms and helped me understand its potential scope. So she showed me how to use the various platforms, but what was I going to say?? I like talking, but hate writing. So one of the greatest tips she gave me was to be relatable, write like you talk, ‘find your voice’, be authentic. I can still hear Cat saying to me “find your voice.” I found my voice on social media thanks to Cat and I enjoy keeping up to date with what’s hot and what’s not via Cat.
Karina Laycock

Personal Stylist, House of Colour