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Instagram has over 500 million active users so if you’re not getting the engagement then it’s not surprising! But what can you do break through the noise and rise about the crowd?

Here are my top tips to help you grow your Instagram following.

  1. Your profile
    Is it complete? Make sure you have a profile image (of yourself), your name (obviously) a short bio (filled with benefits followers get from following you) and a link back to your website, blog landing page.2. Create awesome visual contentComing soon digital marketing made easy
    We all know that Instagram is a visually driven platform so create eye-catching images that will stop people from scrolling past. The key is tell a story with your image, something around your brand. We recently posted a screenshot of our website in development and it had over 70 likes – not massive but enough to drive traffic back to the landing page and trigger sign ups! Really good tools for making your images look pretty are Canva and Stencil. Both have free options if you’re bootstrapping.

3. What to post and when

This is all about testing and measuring. Create various images, each with different background, colours, slogans, tag-lines and see which resonate with your audience. Instagram has built in analytics on their business accounts and it’s really easy to follow. It also tells you how many profile visits you’ve had, and how many clicks to the URL. Use this to see what’s popular and when the most interaction takes place. You can create a content calendar going forward to schedule posts so you’re not tied to your desk or your phone. We use Tailwind which is an excellent tool and they do a free trial too!

4. Hashtags
This is probably the most important part of Instagram. You can add up to 30 hashtags to each post. Do some research beforehand and look at what your target market is looking at – what hashtags are in the posts? Do the same with your competitors / collaborators. We tested this recently and using the right hashtags almost tripled the engagement and clicks back to the website.

5. Use Instagram Stories for research
There is a fabulous little tool in Stories that we have used extensively for research. Create your story, click the smily face and set your question – simple as that. And you see the results as people click to vote. Keep it simple and to yes / no options for maximum effect.

6. Collaborate with other Instagrammers
If you have an exciting announcement, a launch or something to promote then connect with other Insta users and ask them to promote it on their account, to their followers. Use this wisely though, only ask those who you already know and who you trust.

7. Tell the world you’re on Instagram!
Well, maybe not the entire world but definitely everyone in your network. Add your account to your Facebook profile page, your email signature, all your other social networks and email it out to your mailing list.

8. Follow us on Instagram!
Well of course we’re bound to say that aren’t we but go on, give us a follow¬†https://www.instagram.com/digitalmarketingmadeeasy

Let us know that you found through this blog and we’ll give you a follow back & boost your stuff for you!

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